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What is Lip Sync for HOPE?

A way for you to have fun with family, co-workers or friends performing your best Lip Sync performance on video and then use it to help raise money to support your local school's HOPE SQUAD Peer to Peer Suicide Prevention Program.

Why Are We Doing This? 

Suicide has grown to be the #2 leading cause of death in young people.  Okaloosa County ranks in the Top 10 counties in suicides in the State of Florida in young people ages 10-24.  In the five-year span ending in 2018, Okaloosa County had THIRTY (30) YOUTH SUICIDES in that age range – and that didn’t count the two that were younger than that.  WE MUST DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS & SAVE OUR KIDS!  HOPE SQUADS are about changing the culture of the schools to one of connectedness and kindness. United for a Good Cause, Inc. along with our community partners like Eglin Federal Credit Union, Cox Employee Foundation, Niceville Strong, and others, are asking you and the rest of our community to step up and help us fight this fight.  The Lip Sync for HOPE is a fun way to do that!

Who Can Participate?

ANYONE!  Your company can put together a team, your family can make a team, your friends can be a team, you or your kids can participate can even create a video with your pets as the stars!

There are 4 categories:  Family/Groups, Companies/Community, Individuals (any age), Animals (no people)

How Do You Win?

By earning points.  How do you earn points you ask? 

  1. Ask people to vote for your video by donating to the cause.  You get 2 points for every dollar you raise through your personal donation button we will provide you via email once you register.  We will provide you with fliers and materials to help you promote it.  You can begin raising money as soon as you are registered. Points are unlimited.

  2. On August 31st, all videos will be open for voting on our Bring Hope Now Facebook page @OKHopeSquad.  You will receive 1 (one) point for each LIKE, 1 (one) point for each SHARE, and 1 (one) point for each COMMENT your video receives between August 31st and September 6th at 5pm.  Points are unlimited on this.

  3. A panel of judges will score each video based on several factors including creativity, costumes, how well the team works together, staying on key with the music, etc.  There will be a total of 100 points available from the judges.

  4. Winners of each category will be announced on Sept 7th at 10am on the Bring Hope Now @OKHopeSquad page during a Facebook Live event.  Each category winner will be awarded a basket of fabulous prizes designed just for that group.  


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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July 1st thru August 29th Midnight
  • Register by Clicking Link Above, Promote Donations with Your Provided Link & Send Video Entries to 
August 30th
August 30th thru Sept. 6th  - 5pm
  • Voting by Likes, Shares & Comments   on the FB page & Judges Scoring
Monday,  Sept. 7th - 10am FB Live
  • Winners Announced
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